TINA: Photographer

Matthew Rollston

Tina Turner - Matthew Rollston - Photographer

From the 'Break Every Rule' tourbook

Matthew Rollston is an American artist, photographer and creative director. Born in Los Angeles, Rolston studied painting, drawing, photography and filmmaking. While still a student, he received an assignment from American artist Andy Warhol for his celebrity focused „Interview“ magazine. Thereafter, he began a successful career in photography, shooting covers and editorial assignments for Rolling Stone, as well as for other publications such as Vogue, Harper's Bazaar and Vanity Fair. He has completed thousands of photoshoots in his career, including over 100 covers for Rolling Stone magazine. The cover of the October issue in 1986 was taken from a photo session with Tina Turner the same year, while other pictures were used for the Break Every Rule tourbook.

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