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Look Me In The Heart

is a pop song from the album Foreign Affair, released also as a single in 1990. Tina performed it live at the opening night of her Foreign Affair Tour, but this version was never officially released.

Writer: Tom Kelly, Billy Steinberg
Producer: Dan Hartman
Album: Foreign Affair (1989)
Single: Look Me In The Heart (1990)
Charts: USA: #8 (A/C), UK: #31

Tina Turner - Foreign Affair - AlbumTina Turner - Look Me In The Heart - Single
  1. Look Me In The Heart 3:43
  2. From the album 'Foreign Affair'
    Eddie Martinez: Guitar / Jeff Bova: Strings, Horn Section / Phillipe Saisse: Flute solo / Timmy Cappello: Sax solo / Dan Hartman: Percussion Programming / Carmine Rojas: Bass Guitar / J.T. Lewis: Drums / Danny Cummings: Shaker / Lance Ellington, Tessa Niles, Dan Hartman: Backing Vocals / Arranged by Roger Davies / Recorded by Chris Lord-Alge
  3. Look Me In The Heart (12" Remix) 5:26
  4. Look Me In The Heart (Instrumental) 3:39
  5. From the single release
    Remixed by Bryan "Chuck" New

From the 'Foreign Affair' promotional interview

Q: ...And Steinberg and Kelly now they've written for Madonna, Cyndi Lauper, they’ve written for Heart they just manage to write hits, did you just go to them and say ok Billy ok Tom, write me a hit?

A: They sent a song to Roger, Roger has a certain amount of work that he does with pre-production so he gets in touch with songwriters, publishing houses and then they come in and then we sit down and listen and we work together or I go into the office and I listen.

So they sent us this song and I said 'Oh no Roger!' (it's another one of those Oh no
Rogers!'), I said 'it's not right, it's much too pop for me it's just not right for me‘ and he says 'yes but I have a feeling this song is something like 'Let's Stay Together‘ and I said I don't know how you hear that, I don't', so we got in the studio and neither did Dan Hartman, all of us felt like ‚Oh God, here we go with that song today', and finally I said 'Alright listen, we've got to do it because Roger wants it done just to see if we can do it, so get me a tape of 'Let's Stay Together' and let's see if we can do it. And we had one of those whizz kid keyboard players there and he did some programming and it started to happen and we all started to become excited, I mean Roger should have co-production on that one because it was his fault that we dug into it to try to make it happen because he believed in it you know, I mean that's what it takes sometimes, if someone believes in it and I respect him enough to say: Ok if he believes in the song I'm going to do it be, cause you never know?. And it’s one of my favourites now. They didn't mind me changing it, we did change the melody, it was quite pop but we couldn't get it to happen. See it's different when you get a demo it doesn't mean that's the record, you have to make a demo the record, we couldn't make it a record, so finally we took a bit from old Al Green there and there it was.

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