TINA: Guest Appearance (Video)

Live at the Roxy (1983)

Tina Turner & Chuck Berry - Live at the Roxy - Video

Live At The Roxy is a home video from Chuck Berry, recorded at „The Roxy“ on Hollywood's famous Sunset Strip in Los Angeles on January 1, 1982. Tina Turner was a special guest and joined Chuck on the song „Rock’n Roll Music“. Beside this duet, she also appeared at the end of the concert for the final with the whole cast, dancing around. The duet without the intro was included into the 3 CD set The Many Faces of Tina Turner in 2018.

Producer: Jack Malstead, C.D. Haifley
Release: 1983 / 1989 (LaserDisc)
Label: VPI / Image Entertainment
Format: VHS / LaserDisc

  1. Rock’n Roll Music (Live Tina & Chuck Berry) 5:28
  2. Written by Chuck Berry
  3. Finale 4:45

Intro from Chuck Berry

Alright, rock’n roll… rock’n roll. At this time ladies and gentlemen, we gonna bring the fabulous… the fabulous – you hear me? – the fabulous Tina Turner! We gonna do for you a little number that you might know ...

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