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In Your Wildest Dreams

is a slow pop ballad and the title track from the album Wildest Dreams, released as the second single in America and the last one in Europe. The original guest vocals from Antonio Banderas on the European version of the album were replaced with vocals from Barry White for the American market and single release. Some remixes features also a sample of Michael Jackson’s song „Human Nature“. Tina performed the song live at her Wildest Dreams Tour in 1997, available on the Live In Amsterdam home video.

Writer: Holly Knight, Mike Chapman
Producer: Trevor Horn
Album: Wildest Dreams (1996)
Single: In Your Wildest Dreams (1996)
Video: Live In Amsterdam (1997)
Charts: UK: #32 / Germany: #32 / Europe: #33, #19 (Airplay) / USA: #34 (R&B)

  1. In Your Wildest Dreams (feat. Antonio Banderas) 5:34
  2. In Your Wildest Dreams (feat. Barry White) 5:29
  3. From the album 'Wildest Dreams'
    Special Guest Vocalist: Antonio Banderas, Barry White / Backing Vocals: Tessa Niles, Miriam Stockley / Guitars: Trevor Rabin / Keyboards & Programming: Garry Hughes, Lol Creme / Production Assistant: Lol Creme / Orchestra Arrangement: John Altman / Orchestra Leader: Gavin Wright / Pro-Tools: Mike Higham / Engineered by Tim Weidner for Sarm Productions / Recorded at Studio: Sarm Hookend, Studio 52 & Sarm West Coast / Mixed by Steve Fitzmaurice for Sarm Productions
  4. In Your Wildest Dreams (Edit feat. Barry White) 3:48
  5. From the single release
  6. In Your Wildest Dreams (Edit feat. Barry White) 4:11
  7. From the NAC promotional sampler

    Remixed Versions
  8. JOE Remix Edit 3:52
  9. JOE Extended Remix 5:28
  10. Remix and addidional production by Joseph Lewis Thomas (JOE)
  11. 12" Version (feat. Barry White) 5:05
  12. 7" Version (feat. Barry White) 3:53
  13. Instrumental 5:04
  14. Remix and addidional production by Danny D.
  15. Antonio Slow Mix 3:51
  16. Antonio Latin Mix 4:01
  17. Crossover Mix (feat. Barry White) 3:52
  18. Remix and addidional production by Stephen Fitzmaurice
  19. Pink Noise Club Mix 5:25
  20. Remix and additional production by Gary Hughes, Donal Hodgson (Pink Noise)
  21. Pleasant Instrumental 5:19
  22. Additional Production by Carmen Rizzo
  23. Deep Dish Paradise Mix Edit 4:53
  24. Deep Dish Paradise Mix 9:56
  25. Deep Dish Stripped Bare Mix 9:51
  26. Deep Dish Assian Mix 9:26
  27. Remix and additional production by Dubfire & Sheram (Deep Dish)

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