IKE & TINA: Song

I Idolize You

is a soul / blues song, written and produced by Ike Turner. It was the follow-up to Ike & Tina’s very first single A Fool In Love and was later also included into the duos debut album The Soul of Ike & Tina Turner. The song was released in many different versions, the first time in 1966 on the album River Deep, Mountain High.

Writer: Ike Turner
Producer: Ike Turner
Album: The Soul of Ike & Tina Turner (1961) / River Deep, Mountain High (1966) / Those Were The Days (1991) / Reworked Versions (2005) / The Bolic Sound Sessions (2021)
Single: I Idolize You (1960)
Charts: USA: #5 (R&B) / #82 (Pop)

  1. I Idolize You 2:51
  2. From the album 'The Soul of Ike & Tina Turner' and the 1960 single release
  3. I Idolize You (Different Version) 3:47
  4. From the album 'River Deep, Mountain High'
  5. I Idolize You (Different Version) 3:28
  6. From the album 'Those Were The Days'
  7. I Idolize You (Remix) 4:07
  8. From the album 'Reworked Versions (Hully Gully)'
  9. I Idolize You (Bolic Sound Long Version) 4:17
  10. From the album 'The Bolic Sound Sessions'