TINA: Song


is a song from the Beatles, written in 1965 for the same named movie and soundtrack album. Released as a single, it reached #1 in America and England. Tina Turner covered the song first in 1981, when she recorded it at Studio 55 in Los Angeles with Richard Perry, but this version stayed unreleased. Later, she recorded it again with The Crusaders and after the success of Let’s Stay Together, it was released as the follow-up single in 1984 to promote Tina's ongoing UK-Tour. It was also included into the tracklist of her album Private Dancer in Europe. Tina performed the song live at most of her concert tours, available on many home videos and the album Live In Europe.

Writer: John Lennon, Paul McCartney
Producer: Joe Sample, Wilton Felder, Ndugu Chancler
Album: Private Dancer (1984) / Live In Europe (1988) / Live In Tokyo (1991) / Acid Queen (Bootleg) (1992) / The Early Years (2019) / Live In Rio (2022)
Single: Help (1984)
Video: Private Dancer Tour (1985) / Live In Rio (1988) / One Last Time (2000) / TINA Live (2009)
Charts: UK: #40 / Europe: #30

  1. Help 4:30
  2. Help (Edit) 3:45
  3. From the album 'Private Dancer' and the single release
    Engineered by F. Byron Clark / Drums: Ndugu Chancler / Bass & Sax: Wilton Felder / Piano & Synthesizer: Joe Sample / Guitar: Charles Fearing, David Walker / Synthesizer Programming: David Ervin / Backing Vocals: Gwen Evans, Jessica Williams, Alex Brown
  4. Help (Live) 5:02
  5. From the album 'The Early Years' with a concert at the Rockefeller Music Venue in Houston, Texas on April 25, 1983
  6. Help (Live) 5:02
  7. From the bootleg 'Acid Queen' with a concert at Maaspoort in Den Bosch, Netherlands on February 17, 1984 / Kenny Moore: Pianist, Vocals / James Ralston: Lead Guitar / Jack Bruno: Drums / Bob Feit: Bass Guitar / Chuck O'Steen: Keyboards, Vocals / Lejeune Richardson: Vocals / Annie Behringer: Vocals
  8. Help (Live) 5:04
  9. From the album 'Live In Europe'
    Produced by Terry Britten / Jack Bruno: Drums / James Ralston: Guitar & Vocals / Kenny Moore: Piano & Vocals / Alan Clark: Keyboards / Bob Feit: Bass Guitar & Vocals / Timmy Cappello: Saxophone & Keyboards
  10. Help (Live) 5:18
  11. From the album 'Live In Tokyo' with a concert at the Nippon Budokan on December 28, 1985
  12. Help (Live) 5:05
  13. From the album 'Live In Rio 88'
    Drums: Jack Bruno / Bass Guitar: Bob Feit / Guitar: James Ralston, John Miles, Laurie Wisefield / Keyboards: Deric Dyer, Don Snow, John Miles / Percussion: Steve Scales / Saxophone: Deric Dyer, Don Snow / Vocals: Bob Feit, Don Snow, James Ralston, John Miles