IKE & TINA: Album (Live)

Festival of Live Performances (1970)

Ike & Tina Turner - Festival of Live Performances - Album

Festival of Live Performances features live recordings from different concerts and includes the wonderful James Brown cover Please, Please, Please, which was also a single in 1964. The album was originally released in 1970 and was re-issued several times on different labels with different cover pictures and titles. In 2007, it was also released on compact disc.

Producer: Ike Turner
Release: March 1970 / Various (Reissue)
Label: Kent / Various (Reissue)
Format: Vinyl / CD

    Side A
  1. A Fool In Love (Live) 2:43
  2. Written by Ike Turner / Single in 1972
  3. He Is Mine (Live) 3:47
  4. Written by Ike Turner
  5. Stop The Wedding / Please, Please, Please (Live) 8:30
  6. Written by J. McCoy, P. Gaston, B. Williams / James Brown, J. Terry
  7. If I Can’t Be First (Live) 2:21
  8. Written by Ike Turner
    Side B
  1. My Man (He’s A Loving Man) (Live) 3:33
  2. Written by Matthews, Bennett / Lead vocals by The Ikettes
  3. I Know (You Don’t Love Me No More) (Live) 3:27
  4. Written by George
  5. It’s Gonna Work Out Fine (Live) 2:32
  6. Written by Sylvia McKinney, Rose Marie McCoy
  7. If I Only Had You aka The Way You Love Me (Live) 1:48
  8. Written by Ike Turner
  9. I Can’t Stop Loving You (Live) 3:29
  10. Written by Ike Turner
  11. You Should Have Treated Me Right (Live) 3:22
  12. Written by Ike Turner
Ike & Tina Turner - Festival of Live Performances - Album

Billboard - February 21, 1970

The husband-wife soul duo of Ike & Tina Turner are everyday these days, especially on the charts where their incredible brand of pop-soul excitement has finally been realized after years as also-rans. Their live performances at the Fillmore and Madison Square Garden did the trick, but Kent presents the team as they were when 'live' meant clubs and smaller audiences of devoted fans. „A Fool in Love“ and „I Can't Stop Loving You“ star.

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