TINA: Song

Dancing In My Dreams

is the last song on the album Wildest Dreams with prominent backing vocals from The Durham Cathedral Choir. It’s a very complex, spiritual song with strong lyrics. 

Writer: Mark Cawley, Kye Fleming, Brenda Russell
Producer: Trevor Horn
Album: Wildest Dreams (1996)

Tina Turner - Wildest Dreams - Album
  1. Dancing In My Dreams 6:46
  2. Backing Vocals: Trevor Rabin, Tessa Niles, Miriam Stockley & The Durham Choir / Guitars: Trevor Rabin / Keyboards & Programming: Garry Hughes / Drums: Keith Le Blanc / Orchestra Arrangement: Anne Dudley / Orchestra Leader: Gavin Wright / Pro-Tools: Mike Higham / Engineered by Tim Weidner for Sarm Productions / Recorded at Studio: Sarm West, Studio 52, Sarm West Coast & Durham Cathedral / Mixed by Steve MacMillan at Sarm West

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