TINA: Song


is the first track on the second Beyond album Children Beyond with an more spoken invitation from Tina Turner as well as vocals from the children, Regula and Dechen.

Producer: Roland Frei
Album: Children Beyond (2011)

Tina Turner - Children Beyond - Album
  1. Calling 3:20
  2. Invitation by Tina Turner / Language: Gurmukhi, English
    Vocals: Children Beyond, Tina, Dechen, Regula / Sandro Friedrich: Wind Instruments / Shrirang Mirajkar: Tabla / Hans Wettstein: Sitar / Christian Fotsch: Oud, Cümbüs / Nehrun Aliev: Percussion / Gino Todesco: Piano / Roman Glaser: String Arrangements / Alexius Tschallener: Orchestral Arrangements / Calatea Quartet: Yuka Tsuboi, Sarah Kilchenmann (Violin), David Schneebeli (Viola), Julien Kilchenmann (Cello) / Recording & Mixing: Roland Frei at NJP Studios / Choir recorded at Seeschau by Helge van Dyk and Alan Bagge / Strings recorded at New Sound Studio by Roland Frei / Mastering: Mazen Murad at Metropolis Group, London

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