Break Every Rule (1987 / '88)

Tina Turner - Break Every Rule - Tour

The Break Every Rule Tour was billed as Tina’s farewell tour, sponsored by Pepsi-Cola. It broke box office records in 13 countries and was the biggest tour by attendance for a female artist with over 4 million visitors until Tina broke her own record in 1996 with her Wildest Dreams Tour.

During the first few shows, Tina’s signature song Proud Mary wasn’t on the setlist. Tina avoided it because she had done it so many times for so many years and was a little bit tired of it. Finally in Rotterdam she agreed to try it, just to see how it would work. As the crowd erupted and sang the whole song, Tina realized that 'Mary' is still rollin' on the river.

On January 16, Tina broke the world record for the largest paying audience at a solo concert with a crowd over 182,000 people at the Maracana stadium in Rio de Janeiro. Parts of this concert were later released on the Rio '88 home video.

Tina did a lot of duets on this tour - especially at her concerts in London’s Wembley Arena, where she performed two songs with Robert Cray, who was the opening act at some dates. With Paul Brady she performed Paradise Is Here and with Eric Clapton Tearing Us Apart. In Osaka, Mick Jagger joined Tina on stage with the duet „Honky Tonk Women“. Four days earlier was Tina already guest on Mick's „Tour of Japan“ in Tokyo, where both performed the songs „Brown Sugar“ and „It’s Only Rock’n Roll“ together. This concert is available on the From Far East To Down Under bootleg.

For promotion, Pepsi released a special version of the Break Every Rule album with a wonderful gatefold cover, featuring pictures from the advertising „We Got The Taste“.

Opening Night: March 4, 1987 / Munich, Olympiahalle (Germany)
Closing Night: March 27, 1988 / Osaka (Japan)
Regions: Europe, North America, South America, Asia, Australia 
Home VideoLive In Rio (1988)

  1. What You Get Is What You See
  2. Break Every Rule
  3. I Can’t Stand The Rain
  4. Typical Male
  5. Acid Queen
  6. or
  7. Girl's
  8. Two People
  9. Back Where You Started
  10. Better Be Good To Me
  11. Addicted To Love
  12. Private Dancer
  13. We Don’t Need Another Hero
  14. What’s Love Got To Do with It
  15. Help
  16. Let’s Stay Together
  17. Proud Mary
  18. Tina performed 'Proud Mary' for the first time in Rotterdam
  19. Show Some Respect
  20. It’s Only Love
  21. Tina & John Miles
  22. Overnight Sensation
  23. Sometimes
  24. Nutbush City Limits
  25. Paradise Is Here

  26. Special songs
  27. Tearing Us Apart
  28. Tina & Eric Clapton in London
  29. A Change Is Gonna Come
  30. Tina & Robert Cray
  31. In The Midnight Hour
  32. Tina & Robert Cray
  33. Paradise Is Here
  34. Tina & Paul Brady
  35. Honky Tonk Women
  36. Tina & Mick Jagger in Osaka
The Band
Tina Turner - Break Every Rule Tour - Band

Deric Dyer: Saxophone, Keyboard / Don Snow: Keyboard, Saxophone, Vocals / James Ralston: Guitar, Vocals / Steve Scales: Percussion / Bob Feit: Guitar, Vocals / John Miles: Keyboard, Guitar, Vocals / Jack Bruno: Drums / Laurie Wisefield: Guitar/ Ollie Marland: Keyboard, Vocals

Live Pictures

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Tina Turner - Break Every Rule Tour - LiveTina Turner - Break Every Rule Tour - LiveTina Turner - Break Every Rule Tour - LiveTina Turner - Break Every Rule Tour - LiveTina Turner - Break Every Rule Tour - LiveTina Turner - Break Every Rule Tour - LiveTina Turner - Break Every Rule Tour - LiveTina Turner - Break Every Rule Tour - LiveTina Turner - Break Every Rule Tour - Live

All pictures are taken from the „Live In Europe“ booklet and some Tina calendars

Capitol Promo

June 17, 1987

The invincible Tina Turner brings the continuation of her „Break Every Rule“ World Tour to North America on August 10th, after spending the past five months on the biggest European tour in history. On this, her final tour, she has played 99 sold out shows to date to a total audience of 1.8 million. Turner tickets smashed box office records in 13 countries: Germany, Holland, England, Switzerland, Belgium, Norway, Sweden, Spain, ltaly, Austria, France, Ireland, and Denmark.

In England, tickets went on sale in November 1986 for seven Wembley shows, June 11 through 18, and sold out in a matter of hours. In Germany, the astounding ticket demand at the beginning of Tina's tour was such that promoters added open-air shows in July in Hamburg (55,000); Munich (80,000); Essen (57,000); and Nuremberg (80,000). In Dortmund, her four concerts at the Westfalenhalle (85,000) broke Pink Floyd's previous house record set in 1979.

Spain witnessed the biggest rock concert ever staged in the capital city of Madrid where 60,000 Tina fans packed the Case De Campo stadium.


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The 36-page program book was the same over the entire tour. The only difference were the tour dates, which changed between the regions. It contains no live pictures from the tour, only from the Break Every Rule tv special, which was released just in time for the tour. In addition, it features some promotional pictures and from her recent videos for Typical MaleTwo People and What You Get Is What You See.

Tina Turner - Break Every Rule - TourbookTina Tour-Break-Every-Rule-Tourbook-02Tina Tour-Break-Every-Rule-Tourbook-04Tina Tour-Break-Every-Rule-Tourbook-03Tina Tour-Break-Every-Rule-Tourbook-05Tina Tour-Break-Every-Rule-Tourbook-06

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