TINA: Guest Appearance (Album / Video)

The Best of Bond…James Bond (2008)

Tina Turner - The Best of Bond...James Bond - Video

The Best of Bond…James Bond is an audio and home video collection with selected themes for the James Bond movie series. The DVD features the never officially released Goldeneye music video. The audio CD includes the album version of the song and a previously unreleased instrumental track, taken from the trailer of the movie.

Release: 2008
Label: Capitol
Format: CD, DVD

  1. Goldeneye (Album Version) 4:46
  2. Written by Bono & The Edge / Produced by Nelly Hooper
  3. Instrumental 2:24
  4. From the movie trailer
  1. Goldeneye (Music Video) 3:23
  2. Video Producer: Caroline True, Ellen Jacobson-Clarke / Video Director: Jake Scott

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