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Be Tender With Me Baby

is a rock ballad, recorded for Tina’s album Foreign Affair in 1989. It was the last single from the album and was also performed live at the Foreign Affair Tour, available on the Do You Want Some Action? home video. 18 years later, Tina performed it once again at her 50th Anniversary Tour as the encore.

Writer: Albert Hammond, Holly Knight
Producer: Dan Hartman
Album: Foreign Affair (1989)
Single: Be Tender With Me Baby (1990)
Video: Live In Barcelona (1990) / TINA Live (2009)
Charts: UK: #28

Tina Turner - Foreign Affair - AlbumTina Turner - Be Tender With Me Baby - Single
  1. Be Tender With Me Baby 4:17
  2. From the album 'Foreign Affair'
    James Ralston: Rhytm Guitar / Gene Black: / Power Guitar and Lead Guitar solo / Dan Harman: Acoustic Guitar / Pat Thrall: Additional Lead Guitar Fills / Phil Ashley: Organ, Synth and Strings / Phillipe Saisse: Additional Keyboards / T.M. Stevens: Bass / Art Wood: Drums / Tessa Niles: Backing Vocals / Recorded by Chris Lord-Alge
  3. Be Tender With Me Baby (Live) 6:50
  4. Be Tender With Me Baby (Live Edit) 4:01
  5. From the single release
    Mixed by Dave Natale / Recorded by Dave Wilkerson / Assisted by Chris Myring / Recorded live in Europe on the 'Foreign Affair Tour' in 1990 / Ollie Marland: Keyboard, Vocals / Jack Bruno: Drums / Bob Feit: Guitar / Timmy Capello: Persussion, Keyboard, Saxophone, Vocals / James Ralston: Guitar, Vocals / Kenny Moore: Piano, Vocals / John Miles: Guitar, Vocals

The song again was one of those annoying songs that if you didn't really deliver it properly it just kind of goes on but it was so right. What can I tell you except to say that, they were old fashioned songs again, it was songs that you want to sing about, you will always get into that mood of feeling like you want to say 'be tender with
me baby’ it's an old melody that's very sad and very pleading….. that always works. I mean if you look back into the days of Sam Cooke and Sam And Dave they did that pleading type of singing you know, and Marvin Gaye, I mean it actually just took me back to that feeling of all of those old songs you know.

From the 'Foreign Affair' promotional interview

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