TINA: Duet

Barry White (1996)

Tina Turner & Barry White - Duet

Tina & Barry claymation versions from the music video

Barry White was an American singer-songwriter, musician, record producer and composer. The two-time Grammy Award winner was known for his distinctive bass-baritone voice.

In 1996, he provided guest vocals on the title track In Your Wildest Dreams of the American edition of Tina’s Wildest Dreams album, beside vocals from Antonio Banderas for the European market. The single release features also several remixes with Barry's vocals.

  1. American Album Version 5:34
  2. 12" Version 5:05
  3. 7" Version 3:53
  4. Crossover Mix 3:52
  5. Deep Dish Assian Mix 9:26
  6. Deep Dish Paradise Mix 9:56
  7. Deep Dish Stripped Bare Mix 9:51
  8. JOE Extended Remix 5:26
  9. Pink Noise Club Mix 5:25
  10. Written by Holly Knight, Mike Chapman / Produced by Trevor Horn / Remix by Deep Dish, Pink Noise, JOE, Danny D.

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