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Ball Of Confusion

is a soul song and was originally a hit single from The Temptations in 1970. Tina covered it for the B.E.F. album Music of Quality and Distinction (Vol. 1) in 1982, with a very modern sythesizer instrumental background. It was also released as a single and in 1991 with the CD release of the album as a remixed version.

Writer: N. Whitfield, B. Strong
Producer: Martyn Ware, Ian Craig Walsh
Album: Music of Quality and Distinction (Vol. 1) (1982 / '91)
Single: Ball Of Confusion (1982)
Charts: Norway: #5

  1. Ball Of Confusion 3:56
  2. Ball Of Confusion (Instrumental) 3:45
  3. From the LP vinyl release and the single
  4. Ball Of Confusion (Remix) 4:11
  5. From the CD release
    Martyn Ware: Linndrum Programming, Roland System 100 Programming / Ian Craig Marsh: Roland System 100 Programming / David 'Baps' Baptiste: Saxophone / Canute 'Kenny' Wellington: Trumpet / Nathaniel 'Nat' Augustin: Trombone / Nevil 'Breeze' McKreith: Rhythm & Distorted Guitars / Paul Jones: Harmonica / John McGeoch: Intro, Guitar / Recorded and Mixed at the Garden Studio, November '81 - February '82 / Arranged and Produced by Martyn Ware and Ian Craig Marsh of The British Electric Foundation / Vocal Backings by The Hereafter

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