TINA: Song

All The Woman

is a rock song from the album Twenty Four Seven. Tina performed it also live at her Celebrate! special for her 60th birthday, released also on home video. A version with a slightly different instrumental background is available on a very hard to find internal pre-release CD.

Writer: Paul Wilson, Andy Watkins, Tracy Ackerman
Producer: Absolute
Album: Twenty Four Seven (1999)
Video: Celebrate! (1999)

Tina Turner - Twenty Four Seven - Album
  1. All The Woman 4:03
  2. From the album 'Twenty Four Seven'
    Additional production and mix by Johnny Douglas / Published by Nineteen/BMG Music and Chrysalis Music / Engineered by Paul Wright & Steve Fitzmaurice / Mixed by Ren Swan / Assisted by Tim Lambert & Andy Davies / Drums, Guitars and Turntables: Johnny Douglas / Guitar: Alan Ross / Bass: Paul Turner / Programming and Keyboards: Dave Clews / Backing Vocals: Tracy Ackerman, Andy Caine, Miriam Stockley and Beverley Skeete / String Arrangement: Chris Cameron / Recorded at Olympic and Sarm West, London / Mixed at Sarm West, London
  3. All The Woman (Different Mix) 4:12
  4. From an internal pre-release CD
  5. All The Woman (Live) 4:01
  6. From the 'Twenty Four Seven' Limited Edition album, taken from the Celebrate! home video

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