TINA: Promo (Interview)

All The Best (2004)

Tina Turner - All The Best (Interview) - Promo

All The Best (Interview) is a promotional record for Tina’s second greatest hits album All The Best from 2004, featuring the stories behind the songs. It was conducted by Alan Jackson in Zurich Switzerland in September 2004 and is divided in 23 cuts. The video version of this interview was later included as a bonus into the All The Best home video and the Open Arms single.

Release: 2004
Label: Parlophone
Format: CD
Duration: 29 Min.
AlbumAll The Best

  1. So, this is the first whole career retrospective 0:45
  2. There are 3 new tracks on the CD's 1:17
  3. The first single is "Open Arms" 2:23
  4. Another new track is "Something Special" 0:37
  5. Let's talk about "Complicated Disaster" 1:14
  6. "All The Best" also goes right back... 0:48
  7. The great old classic "Nutbush" 1:06
  8. We've also got "Proud Mary" 1:18
  9. Please tell us about meeting Lulu 0:31
  10. The start of your solo success 1:59
  11. Next up, "Private Dancer" 1:02
  12. One of your biggest hits is "What's Love" 1:57
  13. Movie success in "Mad Max" 1:51
  14. How did you meet up with David Bowie 2:23
  15. The "Break Every Rule" album 0:43
  16. The much more sensitive "Paradise Is Here" 0:55
  17. Tell us about "Steamy Windows" 0:19
  18. "I Don't Wanna Lose You" from Terry Britten 0:23
  19. Now, I know it was a great thrill for you... 1:59
  20. But you have a softer, slower side as well... 0:56
  21. You've recorded with Eros Ramazzotti 1:27
  22. And there's another collaboration next 1:05
  23. Finally, we can't leave this... 2:29

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