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A Back Man’s Soul is an Ike Turner instrumental funk and soul album together with his „Kings of Rhythm,“ released in 1969 on the Pompeii label. It contains songs written by Turner, his St. Louis colleague Oliver Sain and some others. Four tracks have been also released on the Ike & Tina Turner albums Cussin’, Cryin’ And Carryin’ On and Get It Together. The album was recorded at various studios in the U.S. between tour dates. Tracks 4, 5 and 10 are identified as recorded at Cosimo's in New Orleans, track 6 at Ike's home studio in Los Angeles and tracks 7, 8, 9, 11 at unknown studio in Washington DC. It was also released in the UK in 1975 under the different title „Funky Mule“ and in Germany simply titled as „Ike Turner & His Kings of Rhythm“. In 2002 it was reissued in it’s original format on the Funky Delicacies label and in 2003 on CD with four bonus tracks, including three with vocals by Tina Turner.

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